Mark M.

Mark McLane



My background is mechanical engineering which helps me focus on the cause and effect ofMark 1 things.  While I believe in the supernatural I feel that there are a lot of explanations that need to be fully explored before coming to that conclusion.  With my logical way of thinking I like to think I am a natural debunker but I cannot not count myself as a complete skeptic. In my life I have had a couple of experiences with the paranormal which has spiked my interest in the field.

My first experience stems all the way back from when I was 5 and I still have very vivid memories of the occurrence.  When I was a teenager I had a full conversation with someone who, when I glanced away for just a moment, simply disappeared.  These experiences along with a couple of others have taught me to have an open mind to what may be out there.

Beyond ghost investigations I have been a mechanical engineer for 14 years with a Master’s degree in Engineering.  I love fly fishing, woodworking, stained glass work, and doing fun things with my wife and 12 year old son.

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