What exactly are Hauntings?

– By DeAnn Carter

I know there are many skeptics out there who don’t believe in hauntings and ghosts. TheThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dusty_Mirror.jpg popular idea of a haunting is someone that has passed, usually violently, whose spirit stays and causes trouble for the people left behind, such as noises, footsteps, even rattling of chains and moaning. This is one of the many theories of hauntings.

In my series of haunting theories, I’d like to explain each of the theories that I am aware of, and I’m sure that there are many others out there that I’ve never heard of. As I hear or think of new ones, I’ll type those up as well. But in the meantime I have plenty to keep you occupied.

So, let’s talk first about the common idea of hauntings. We’ll call this “TRADITIONAL HAUNTING THEORY”. People who have passed and who’s spirits stay behind. Personally, this is the theory that I have the least amount of faith in. My personal religious beliefs say that this isn’t a real deal, however, after thinking about it for a long time I have decided that it is a viable, but not common situation. You, of course, can decide for yourself how much stock you put into each of these theories.

If your personal beliefs allow you to adhere strongly, without question, to this theory then my way of thinking about it will just add to yours. If you are like me, and you have a hard time thinking that ghost spirits linger, this may help you see how this could be.

First, I believe, and have had people confirm, that indeed when a person dies, their spirit can stay with their body until burial. I have two good friends who are morticians and have heard several stories of their own and of their colleagues, but I have always believed that after burial, the spirits go to the afterworld.

Now, here is where I have come up with my ideas of how I personally can accept this theory. I think that it is possible for spirits to refuse to go to the afterworld. They insist on staying because they are in denial or are angry and refuse to go. I think it could be possible that they simply don’t know or won’t believe that they have passed and insist on staying here. Maybe they are afraid, maybe they are just plain stubborn, maybe they just really liked it here and want to continue on, I mean, why change a good thing, eh? Who knows, that’s why we, and others, investigate, to try and answer these questions.

Why they do what they do depends on their personalities when they were alive. Maybe some stay and mope, some could be angry and violent, some could be playful, others timid. As I stated before, this type of haunting, in my opinion, from my studies and research, are few and far between. Others could argue with me, but we don’t need to argue percentages at this point.

Along these lines, and this will come up again in a different aspect in a later article on a different theory of hauntings, but I do not believe in child ghosts. It is my firm, unwavering belief that children don’t haunt and if you think you are being haunted by a child, you are simply being deceived by something else.

This will be the topic of our next article called “DECEIVING SPIRITS THEORY”.

So….to wrap up this first column…..theory #1 “Traditional Hauntings” is the spirit of someone who has passed, but decides to stay in this dimension for whatever reason. Again, feel free to fill in your own blanks as to the whys and we’ll keep investigating to try to figure out the “whys”.

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