Cursed Items

Sometimes through the course of our investigations, we run across objects in homes or other locations that have spirit attachments. Some of these items are items that held significance to someone who has passed on and as a spirit, they are unable to let go, both figuratively and literally. Some items have been intentionally “cursed” to cause harm to the owners. Regardless of the origin or backstory of an item, these objects can be problematic. Some items can lead to increased paranormal activity in a location, others can lead to outright ruin and torment for their owners. Often if we find we have to go back to a trouble location more than once there is often an object attachment involved. After an object attachment is discovered, WISPS will recommend an owner get rid of a problematic object on their own. The WISPS  team will only remove an object as the last resort at the request of the owners. Due to the risk, such objects can pose, WISPS does not advocate collecting or storing such items, especially not in a residence.

For more on cursed objects and object attachments read a more detailed article on it here. 

There is a difference between a spirit attachment and a cursed object, however for the sake of simplicity all such objects will be referred to as object attachments. Below is a sampling of such objects the team has encountered during our investigations:

The Summoning Stone

WISPS responded to a private residence that was having issues. The previous owner of the home was a heroin addict and had committed suicide in the home. It was reported there was a menacing figure standing in the closet of the img_1318children’s bedroom terrorizing the children in the home. WISPS went out to the home and conducted an investigation. Initially, we thought we had resolved the problem but were called back a few weeks later.

During our subsequent investigation, the team found an interesting stone that was being used as a doorstop in the home. Investigating further the team learned the stone was the only piece of property left by the previous owner. The team felt the stone was possibly related to the ongoing issues in the home. Brandy the team medium later confirmed the stone had been used as a summoning stone and had a negative spirit attachment with it. The stone was removed from the home and immediately taken to the second night of a public investigation we had scheduled the same night as the removal.  The team was hosting the public investigation at a benign location we have been to many times before. With the stone on the property the second night of investigating turned unusually dark. Halfway through the investigation, we realized the stone may be responsible for the change in the tenor of the investigation. It was removed from the property. The investigation resumed with its usual benign mood. The stone was properly disposed of. None of the issues related to the stone were reported at the home since it was removed.

The Stone Club


WISPS was called in to investigate a home that had recently had an uptick in paranormal activity. The activity was so bad a hole was kicked in a hollow-core door inside the home. Neither adult in the home could account for the damage. During the investigation, the team felt they were talking to an angry Native American spirit. The team also learned through their investigation the spirit was attached to an object in the home. Speaking with the homeowner we learned she collected Native American artifacts and relics. Through our investigation, we learned there was a stone club that was the focal point of the problems in the home. Speaking with the owner we recommended she remove the object from the home. The owner removed the object and the problems inside the home ceased.

Popo the Clown 

Popo the Clown is a rather innocent-looking clown doll in the private collection of Dr. Jymie Darling, a demonologist, occultist, and alchemist. The doll is responsible for five documented deaths. The doll was acquired by Dr. Darling when she img_2354purchased the entire estate of the previous owner at his passing.

The doll was responsible for a documented incident in 1932 where a little girl in Mexico was showing signs on demonic possession. A priest was called in and the little girl passed away during the exorcism. The child was buried with her clown doll. Upon returning home her father discovered the clown doll back at the home. Thinking the undertaker had forgotten to bury the doll with the child the entire village helped exhume the child and witnessed the doll being buried with the child. When the father returned home he found his younger daughter with the clown doll also exhibiting signs of demonic possession. The priest was called back to the home. On arriving at the home the priest saw the doll and fled. That child also passed away. A villager driving down the road later noticed the doll on the floorboard of his vehicle. The man bent down to pick the doll up and when he looked up he saw the priest that had been involved with the case. The man was unable to stop in time hitting and killing the priest. The man was so distraught over the death of the priest he later committed suicide. Finally, the father of the girls noticed the doll while working on his property. The man went to retrieve the doll and was trampled by his cattle. A specialist was called in who took possession of the doll and performed a binding ritual on the spirit attached to the doll to prevent further harm. The doll remained in his possession until his death at a ripe old age. On his death, Dr. Darling took possession of the doll.

WISPS was able to spend some time one on one with the doll. Numerous EVPs were collected around the doll, and the team noticed the uncanny ability of the doll to attract children to it. The doll was removed to a remote location of the building we were studying it in. Approximately fifteen minutes after the doll was removed from its protective case children were heard playing right outside the door. The doll had to be placed back in its protective case until the children left the area. Every time the doll was removed children would start to congregate nearby. When placed in its protective box multiple team members felt the doll moving inside the box. The movement was a pronounced tap from inside the box. Castle also experienced a distinct tap directly on his finger while holding the doll.  This particular item is incredibly dangerous.

The Tut Head


In one of our more bizarre cases, the Tut head was a replica piece brought into a home by a client who loves to collect Egyptian themed art. The home itself has had a long history of negative entities terrorizing the owner.  Over the course of twenty years, various teams had come in to try and solve the problems the client was having. WISPS tried multiple times to help the client get rid of the problems in his home. Three mediums were brought in three separate times. All three times an attempt was made to close a portal they all indicated was in the room next to where the Tut head was located. The portal was the source of the continued problems in the home. All attempts to close the portal initially failed. Through further investigation, it was discovered the primary presence in the home had teetered the nearby Tut head to the portal making it impossible to close. The Tut head was removed from the home and the portal was permanently closed.

The Crystal Wand

At the same home where the Tut head was removed investigators also located a crystal and gold filigree wand that the owner had collected. The wand was a certified piece of memorabilia once belonging to a famous actress and singer.   It was determined the item image2-pixellatedhad an attachment as well. Given the nature of the piece, the owner did not want to dispose of it.  WISPS attempted to mitigate the item’s effect in the home. Crystals are known to store energy so this item was a perfect object for an entity to attach itself to. It is unknown if the object came into the home with the item or if an attachment occurred due to the portal discovered in the basement. Activity in the home has minimized and dropped to an all-time low; however, there is still some activity. Other object attachments were identified in the home and the owner was advised to get rid of them. It is possible given his collection and the incredible number of attachments in the home that an object or two was missed.

The authentication card has been obscured in the photo to hide the actresses’ identity. 

The Owl

The owner of a cabin for sale asked WISPS to come in and take a look. The owner reported activity in the cabin and requested the team to come to investigate. Because of the activity, the owner had the property up for sale. The owner had also installed remote image3security cameras. The owner reported people looking to potentially buy the property and realtors would instantly take on a negative tone once inside the cabin. The cabin sits on a prime piece of property and has three levels. The interior of the cabin is nice and well worth the asking price. Once at the cabin an investigation ensued. Numerous EVPs were captured and the team was drawn to a decorative replica stuffed owl. During the course of the investigation, it was determined there was an attachment to the owl. The owner was advised to get rid of the item.

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