Private Residence #J005

American Fork Utah, Sept 18, 2014

-Case Report by DeAnn Thomas

Resident names have been changed


Investigators who attended were DeAnn Thomas, Don Thomas, Jeff Carter, Heather IMG_1293Barney, and Keirsten Densley.

Walking into the house, the first thing we noticed was the décor.  It was amazing, the homeowner is an artist and collects unique and odd antiques. We made note that it was all antique and therefore possible trigger objects, objects potentially with spirits attached to them.  We kept it in mind as a possibility for the hauntings.

We talked with Jill and Ashton (m) (the owners of the house, along with their baby) about the types of activity that they were experiencing.   They stated it was mostly hearing things move, at one point they saw a TV remote tossed off a night stand.  One evening, while alone in the house with the baby, Ashton heard a woman’s voice say “Oh, what a beautiful baby,” which is what prompted the call to have us come investigate.  We then discussed with them the process that we would go through that night and made sure they were comfortable with what we were going to do.  We told them that we wanted them involved in the process as much as they felt comfortable as the spirits were more comfortable with them than us, more likely.  Ashton, at first, was very skeptical, but became more involved the longer we went on. By the end of the investigation Ashton was no longer a skeptic.

We started by taking a walk through the house.  It was built in 1902, and has since been added on to.  The homeowners stated that the bulk of the activity was in the older part of the home.  I felt a strong presence in the upstairs boys’ room and the nursery especially.  .   They then turned out the lights and we divided up and started taking pictures.  While most of us were taking pictures, Don sat in the living room with his night vision recorder.  After a few minutes, he mentioned to Ashton that he may be interested in what he could see on the screen.  Ashton moved to sit by Don so he could see.  The started seeing orbs and then Ashton exclaimed “Whoa, that’s crazy, what was that.”  Keep in mind, at this time, I was taking pictures right in front of them, I felt crowded by all the investigators in the room, when looking back on the video, I’m by myself or Jeff and Kiersten are there, but it felt like everyone was there.   Looking at the video, you can see a spirit pacing and a second one fliting into the room.   This was later verified by Brandy as Gregory pacing and Samantha. (two of the three spirits in the home.  Gregory in his 40’s Samantha and Alice, both in their 20’s).

Not too far into the investigation, Jill’s mother, father and one other person came to IMG_1290observe.  The dad was highly skeptical and was fairly vocal about it.  We were trying to get some results with a flashlight test and also taking EVPs.  We weren’t doing instant playbacks so didn’t know what was going on in EVPs, but we were getting nothing with the flashlights.  One glimmered on for a few seconds, but I don’t believe it was turned on by a spirit.  I went to check on some of the others to see if they were getting any activity.  They weren’t.  We went back into the front room a few minutes later and Jill’s parents and other guest decided to go.  No sooner did the skeptical father leave the house we were getting huge hits on the K2 meters, not one meter, but two, simultaneously, intelligent responses to questions.    They responded best when Ashton was asking question, but responded well to most questions.  Ashton started asking questions about the house, I mentioned that he should ask room by room.  We hit on the fact that there was something about the shed they wanted to convey.  We determined that there was something in the shed they wanted the home owners to be aware of.  They didn’t want it dug up or “found” per se, just for the owners to be aware.

About this time, another team (who had been investigating at another location) stopped by.  Our medium (who can see and speak with spirits) was with them.  She confirmed 1 male, 2 female spirits.   (Before I continue on, I should mention that I can “feel” gender of spirits.  We’ve been testing that to see how accurate I am.  I was told earlier by the medium that there were 3 spirits, but she held back on gender.  I had “felt” correctly.  She knew ahead of time, because she had been shown pictures of the home prior to the investigation.  I mention this only because it makes more sense of the way I worded parts of this case study.)  We asked what their names were.  They are named Gregory, Samantha, and Alice.  We asked her to ask them about the shed.  She said that Samantha had an infant daughter buried there.  She didn’t want a marker placed there, just for the homeowners to have knowledge of her.

All in all, a successful, active investigation.




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