Brandy P.

Brandy Paice “Peaches”



Well  what can I say except for that I have been in close contact with the paranormal mostBrandy 1 of my life due to the fact that I have my great grandmother who has  followed me around since I was a child though she died way before I was born.  I have always felt, seen and heard things that did not always make sense to me until recently when I started getting into investigating with my close friend Tim.  I have been fine tuning my abilities to the point where I now see, hear and feel spirits all the time. Most of my experiences have been awesome without any problems so far. Initially I did not get involved with anything demonic, due to my religious upbringing, but after several investigations with  WISPS I am finding I can use my abilities to help people and enjoy doing so. Demonic cases have tested me to the limits and have made me stronger because of it. I am a mom and wife. Family and close friends are important to me.

Horror movies are my favorite and I like to watch ghost hunters from time to time.  Charity races, shopping, design/Art and CHOCOLATE!! Are a few of my favorite things to do/interests.

Brandy investigating Camp Floyd.

Brandy investigating Camp Floyd.

Director’s Note: Unlike many other mediums, sensitives, and psychics Brandy has the

unique ability to both see and hear spirits and communicate with them face to face. Brandy also has the ability to see spirits in both photos and video. This is an invaluable tool on investigations and has helped us capture some of our best evidence as we are able to as complex and relevant questions, which has solicited relevant answers. I was initially skeptical about such abilities, but I have full confidence in Brandy, and I have been able on numerous occasions to validate her abilities. 

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