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Does all that stuff on the ghost hunting TV shows really happen or is it staged for interesting TV?

I have met families that very much wish it was staged for TV, but the reality of it is some of what you see on TV is actually real, some of what you see on television has been staged to make for good ratings. That being said, I have witnessed much of the same activity shown on TV firsthand. You have to examine the subject under the microscope of reality. Faked or Faked’s Ben Hansen, who is involved in reality TV said it best when he said it takes 70 hours of camera footage to put together five minutes of screen worthy content. Real investigations are much slower than what a TV audience would tolerate, and while some investigations can be amazingly eventful some investigations can be rather uneventful and boring. Objects do get thrown and shadow figures do exist. I have seen glowing orbs with the naked eye, and capturing EVPs are incredibly common.

How large is WISPS’ service area?

WISPS  covers most of the Wasatch front, but we will travel to most areas of Utah, and even outside the state based on the nature of the case. If a case falls outside an area we are willing to cover we will help find a suitable group in the area of the haunting to come in and assist. We currently work closely with several groups we trust.

How long does an investigation take?

How long an investigation takes is a complex question and is determined by the venue. Most home investigations rarely take more than 2 hours depending on the type and level of activity. We haven’t had a residential investigation for longer than 4 hours.

Can I be home during an Investigation?

The easy answer is yes and is the most common scenario. We have had clients request to participate in investigations most of them have loved it and had a lot of fun doing it. We will never refuse a client’s request to participate; however, we ask to keep outside participation to a minimum. Inviting guests or extra family members to an investigation can hamper the ability of the team to gather meaningful evidence.

What can I do to prepare for an Investigation?

This one is easy. We ask that any children in the home go spend time with friends or family during the investigation. We ask any pets in the home which may get in the way such as cats and dogs be put in a room away from the investigation, and we ask that the house be reasonably clean. The clutter we can deal with, we certainly won’t be doing white glove tests, but we won’t ask any investigator to work in an unsanitary environment.

How many investigators will you bring?

We tailor the number of investigators to the size of the location. The smaller the number of people involved in an investigation the less likelihood there will be of evidence contamination. Our residential investigation teams usually consist of 3 to 5 members.

Will my friends or neighbors know if you come to investigate?

Only if you tell them. We understand having ghost investigators come to your home may be embarrassing, or draw unwanted attention. We try to be very discreet. We do have Non-disclosure agreements available to sign if that makes clients feel more comfortable. We never use private businesses and residences by name on the site unless given permission to do so by the clients. If we bring several investigators at a venue we will oftentimes park offsite, and carpool the remaining distance as to reduce the number of vehicles at a home. We also make sure our vehicles are nondescript. We won’t be pulling up in front of a home in a vehicle such as the one used in Ghostbusters.

Can spirits or entities hurt me or my family?

This is a complex question that requires a complex answer. First off, it depends on the type of entity you are dealing with. A standard ghost is more likely to cause fear based on its presence and your discomfort with that presence. We have seen people get scratched, and touched by ghosts, but nothing of any significance, no serious harm or injuries. The biggest danger with a ghost in the uneasy feeling we get knowing they are there.

On the other hand, if an entity is demonic in nature there is a very real danger involved there. Scratches and bites are common, but the real damage here is psychological. Those entities focus on the destruction of the family unit and the destruction of the individual. This is achieved in several different ways, but primarily through putting the families and individuals through extreme stresses. More information on these types of entities can be found on the WISPS Demonology page. 

Are ghosts all evil spirits?

For investigators, this can be a frustrating question, primarily because many people have made up their minds as to the answer from a place of complete ignorance. The answer is an unequivocal no! There is a large religious community that accepts that ghosts exist but label them all as demonic entities and dismiss any other view. Friends and family members of WISPS  investigators have been very vocal on this very topic.  The reality is these kinds of snap judgments are made out of complete ignorance, and misconceptions. As in life as in death. We have encountered numerous spirits who are not only not demonic, but generally good, and helpful.  One investigation, in particular, was a residential investigation where the ghost had in essence been considered by the family to be a member of the family. This family was very devoutly religious.

We have encountered happy ghosts, angry ghosts, sad ghosts, shy ghosts, playful ghosts, protective ghosts, and all other manner of ghosts. Many of these have been documented at a venue for years with no inclination to do evil. The way living people are is the same the way ghosts are. As to why they are still here as ghosts is another question entirely, but there are several theories.

Can I join your group?

We are always willing to accept applications; however, we add new members only as needed. We invite anyone interested to apply. 

Is it bad to talk to ghosts/spirits?

This is another tough question, but there is again an easy answer. We don’t usually recommend talking to ghosts or spirits. Trained investigators do it to learn the nature of entities they are called in to investigate and find solutions for families. The problem arises when someone who is inexperienced and not trained inadvertently “befriends” a spirit, and only too late discovers it’s not what it claims to be and realizes it’s a demonic entity. These types of evil spirits are patient and cunning manipulators. They will gain trust and confidence until they manage to get invited into a person’s life at which point they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. Trained investigators know how to spot these types of entities, and know what to say and what not to say to avoid these types of pitfalls.

Will an investigation increase activity in my home or place of business?

No two investigations are exactly the same, but we’ve never seen an increase in activity after an investigation.

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