Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

There are a lot of theories about how electronic voice phenomena (EVP) is captured, but unfortunately, all they are are EVP Tape Recordertheories; nobody has come up with a definitive answer as to how the recordings occur. Investigators everywhere will tell you after recording on a site, it is not uncommon to have responses on audio recording on playback that the investigator didn’t hear while making the recording.

In most cases, two versions of each EVP is provided. One is the original recording. The second recording is the same sound file with the volume of the actual EVP turned up to make it easier to hear. In some EVPS  enough audio is left at the front of the recording to put it into context.

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The use of headphones is HIGHLY recommended! It also helps to turn up your volume. Most EVPS are faint and difficult to hear. To further understand the EVP grading system click here.

Our best selections from our Class A and Class B Library can be found here! Updates are happening all the time. 

  Below is a sampling of some of the higher quality EVPs we have found on investigations. 

The following EVP is not the property of WISPS, but is used with permission.