Private Residence #J001


WISPS Investigation No. J001

Undisclosed  Residence, Utah


March 23, 2014 – Meeting with Client

The front of the home was built in the early 1900’s with an addition built in the 1980’s.  J001The activity primarily occurs in the newer part of the home.

The client hears walking on the second floor when no one is up there and has seen apparitions of a young girl they call “Millie”.  The client’s daughter has experienced quite a bit of activity in the upstairs north bedroom.  One incident involved her asking the spirit to turn off the light and radio, because she was too tired to do it herself. The spirit immediately turned off both.  More recently, in the upstairs office area the computer has turned on and off playing music.  This happened after the client replaced batteries in clocks.

It was noted the spirit in the home seemed particularly drawn to the client’s daughter who no longer resides in the home. The daughter was described as short with brown hair and eyes. The activity has subsided somewhat since the daughter moved away. The client also mentioned the spirit in the home seemed upset when her oldest son would bring his girlfriend over. The client speculated “Millie” was jealous of the girl. Interviewing both they agreed the girlfriend was bad news and they felt “Millie” was trying to warn and protect them.

The client’s first experience with the spirit came shortly after they moved in.  Her daughter came home and there was someone standing behind her.  The client thought her daughter had brought a friend home.  The spirit was blond and appeared to be a solid entity.

Batteries tend to drain quickly, clocks stop working, and the clock in the main floor bathroom off of the laundry room will be rotated a ninety degrees clockwise.

When the client is sitting on the sofa on the main level she sees the reflection of someone walking behind her in the windows.  One evening she thought she saw the grandfather clock move.  When she investigated, the pendulum was swinging and the clock looked like it has been moved about an inch.

The client woke up one night and saw a wispy apparition of Millie.  She spoke to the client and said that she liked the name Millie but her “name is Anne with an E.”

In the basement level, the client’s older son was dragged from his bed in the northwest room and had someone blow in her ear.  This incident was mentioned with the jealousy, and potential warning noted above.

The office area in the basement used to have bunk beds. The younger son’s friend saw a girl in white sitting on the bed.  In the past few days, the younger son was working on the computer in this area.  He left the computer, when he came back the contrast and brightness on the monitor had been adjusted.  The EMF in this area seems to be exceptionally high.  This could be due to a supporting steel I-beam running across across the ceiling.

Although purely an unproven theory, Castle speculates the large I-beam in the basement may draw in local radio waves, and other wireless transmissions causing it to give off high EMF.  This may serve as a natural EMF pump for the spirit allowing it to more strongly manifest and move large objects.

There was a tombstone in the North East corner of the back yard.  The client recalls is saying Col. (Colonel) with a date in the early 1900’s. Further investigation showed the tombstone was not related to the phenomena, and more than likely had no significance whatsoever.

During the tour, in the upstairs bedroom, Amy could feel a presence in the room particularly behind her and her legs felt weak.  She felt as though someone was behind her during the entire tour.  While walking outside to the site of the headstone, the client mentioned that she often feels like there is a presence behind her.  Castle also mentioned he could feel a presence immediately on entering the home. Castle reported the same feeling inside the home on his first visit a few weeks prior. Speaking with Amy, Castle confirmed he also noticed the presence seemed to be stronger in the upstairs north bedroom.

The client’s do not feel that “Millie” is dangerous nor do they seem to want her to leave.  However, the do want some kind of proof that she exists. The family actually enjoys her presence and feels she is a part of the family.

The client has lived in the home for 8 years.  The previous homeowners also reported seeing apparitions of a young girl in the home.


Amy and Castle responded to the residence about an hour prior to the team to set up cameras and brief the client. The client requested to participate in the investigation. During the setup Castle asked Amy where she felt he should place a motion sensor. As Castle asked this a decorative wooden block painted to look like a six sided die was hurtled off of a shelf toward Castle. The block was propelled approximately 6-7 feet. Amy and Castle spent time attempting to debunk the event, but were unable to do so.

Later during an EVP session Castle asked the spirit if it had thrown the block. The spirit responded on an EVP that she had. During the investigation a toy dinosaur was also knocked off onto the floor.

After the investigation it was determined there was likely only one spirit in the home as activity was centered in only one location at a time. Two EVPs were captured, and the team had amazing success with the flashlight test. The spirit was able to turn the lights on and off on command, and use two lights at a time.

The clients enjoy their spirit, and enjoyed participating in the investigation.   WISPS has followed up and learned the spirit is still very active and has been throwing the wooden block more frequently. WISPS has scheduled a follow-up investigation to attempt to gather more evidence.

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