Ravyn has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal.   Her interest in the paranormal likely began when she was younger growing up in a house (belonging to her great aunt) that was haunted. She also had the misfortune to deal with a demonic haunting in her early 20’s. It was a experience she would rather forget, although it piqued her interest in demonology and gave her some good experience in the field.

The first house that she owned was haunted as well.   That haunting was nothing out of the ordinary or malevolent, as far as activity.  One of her children saw a full apparition outside, a few odd things happened in the house such as doors opening, jackets being mysteriously zipped up, and several pictures were taken with very detailed tracer activity, but nothing that chased her and her family out.  The most recent owners moved after only living there for a few short weeks.

She is an empath and can feel what other people and spirits are feeling.  She is most aware of negativity and anger in spirits.  She is also skilled in psychometry, the ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them. Last but not least, she is researching stones and their properties.  It is an interesting field and worthy of investigating further.  She has studied demonology extensively and is currently working on an honorary doctorate degree in the field.

Ravyn finds the paranormal fascinating because of all the different theories and aspects of it. The mystery of it.   Who knows? Which is the right theory?  That is what she hopes to help discover.  Her guess is bit and pieces of many of the theories that she’s heard of.  The more she participates the more some questions are answered, but the more new questions pop up.

Ravyn has a degree in Demonology.

 Her other interests include skiing, shoes, reading and writing books, interior decorating, antiquing, family, needle work, travel, and playing bagpipes.

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